Monday, 6 February 2017

Systematic Review Toolbox


Systematic reviews are a time consuming, logistically challenging and
labour intensive undertaking. These and other challenges have led to the
development of various software tools to support the systematic review
The Systematic Review Toolbox
is a community-driven, searchable, web-based catalogue of tools that
support the systematic review process across multiple domains. The
resource aims to help reviewers find appropriate tools based on how they
provide support for the systematic review process. Users can perform a
simple keyword search (i.e. Quick Search) to locate tools, a more
detailed search (i.e. Advanced Search) allowing users to select various
criteria to find specific types of tools and submit new tools to the
Although the focus of the Toolbox is on identifying software tools to
support systematic reviews, other tools or support mechanisms (such as
checklists, guidelines and reporting standards) can also be found.
The developer and editor of the Systematic Review Toolbox is Dr Chris Marshall.
Suggestions for new tools can be made here. If you would like a tool's information edited or have any other queries, please get in contact.

Systematic Review Toolbox

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